Q.  I see a bunch of fit people in class, so this must be for people who are already in shape right?

A.  Not at all!  Many of the people that you see in class that are in shape are so because they have been coming to CrossFit!  I know it can be intimidating at first but with dedication and hard work you will get there too and those fit people in class will be there supporting you all the way!  They know how hard this can be because they have been right where you are.  Lean on them for guidance and support.

Q.  Is there a minimum level of fitness required to begin?

A.  One of the best things about the CrossFit program is the ability to fit any level of fitness by scaling the workouts.  We can adjust repetitions, weight, rounds, and distance to meet the needs of any individual who is just starting out.  In addition, every member is required to first take part in our 2 part Orientation before they start.  This program is meant to prepare students to enter our regular classes by educating them on the exercises, techniques, and philosphies used in our program.

Q.  I’m too old for CrossFit.

A.  Nonsense!  We use functional movements that have application in life.  Yes the intensity is higher then some other programs but it also shows you better results. Ask our members!

Q.  Why should I pay $xxx – $xxx per month when I can join a gym for under $xx?

A.  Here is a fact for you, less then 20% of gym members use their membership with any kind of frequency that would yield results.  Think about that for a second.  How many memberships have you had over the years and how many times you’ve really seen long term results?  Are you currently in the best shape of your life?  If you were to add up all the dues that you have spent on gym memberships over the years how much would that total?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  With that kind of money you should be in fantastic shape by now!
At CrossFit Canton our members show up to class and by showing up they see results.  Sometimes accountability is all you need to get things rolling.  But you also will accomplish tasks you never thought possible, forge new friendships, learn how to eat and exercise correctly, and eventually be able to take on your fitness by yourself for good.  The goal for us, is to help you learn so that someday you could be teaching our classes if you wanted to.  Thats the CrossFit Canton difference.