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Coach Matt Pierce’s Weekly Rant 11/19/14  November 20, 2014


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Coach’s Weekly Rants

Welcome to my Newsletter.   I’ll be keeping up with stuff in the gym, life, news, and sometimes random things that really have no purpose but might be entertaining.  If you have any topics that you would be interested in me covering, feel free to email me at matt@crossfitcanton.com.

Another Damn Holiday Eating Guide

Seriously can someone write another Holiday guide?  You all probably know by now that most people gain a considerable amount of their annual weight each year during the Holiday season.  

If this is news to you check out the graph below this article and notice how disproportionate the weight gain is during the Holiday season as compared to the entirety of the year.  I’ve heard before that people will easily add 10 pounds during this season alone! 

I’m not going to give you a huge guide on what to do during the holiday season but just supply you with a couple of simple strategies that have helped others over the years.

1)  Choose your battles.  People gain weight from multiple Holiday events where the food quality and quantity is very different from their usual routine.  We all want to enjoy the Holiday season but there is enjoying and then there is ENJOYING.  Pick your favorite event and partake in the festivities for that event.  Don’t hold back but limit yourself to that one or maybe two events.

2)  DO NOT go on an empty stomach!  When you know that you are going to a party or other event grab something to eat prior to.  Down a handful of nut and pound a glass of water before arrival as that will help to keep you from making poor decisions.  

3)  Take a deep breath.  There will be plenty to do and prepare for from family coming into town to Christmas parties.  You need time to yourself and time to de-stress.  Stress causes weight gain so find some way to get out of the house, (go to the gym, get a massage, hang out by the fire) by yourself or find a way to relax.  Schedule that time into your life for the season and make it a priority.

There are plenty more tips that I could give you but I’d rather keep it simple and not add more stress to an already busy season.  Give these a shot and see if you can keep from having to do more work the beginning of the year!

–  Coach

Holiday weight gain in the US

Sometimes other people just do it better than you.  Check out this website for healthier alternatives to your Thanksgiving Feast.  

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