At CrossFit Canton, you’ll experience a variety of intense workouts in a fun group environment that foster incredible results! We’re different from the typical gym because we utilize functional movements, emphasize intensity to achieve results, and employ variety in a competitive yet friendly community of athletes.

Functional Movements are natural, effective and efficient multi-joint movements.

At CrossFit Canton, we run, jump, pull, push, throw, lift, squat, and climb. Our coaches use the most up to date research to train these movements and offer modifications for your specific needs.  The fitness requirements of our grandparents and those of elite athletes differ by degree and not by kind. For this reason, CrossFit is infinitely scalable to have both of them working out side by side each achieving their own goals.

When we add Intensity to the mix, we have the single most important factor in seeing results in a fitness program.

We believe that intensity is something that an athlete is gradually eased in to as they progress in their fitness. Once proficiency with functional movements is achieved, intensity is ramped up eliciting great results in short periods of time.


CrossFit prepares us for life’s unpredictable physical and mental challenges through varied programming.

Routine and predictable regimens can’t prepare us for unknown and unknowable events of life and let’s face it, treadmills and reps on machines get stagnant and boring. At CrossFit Canton, every workout is different and the workout of the day (WOD) isn’t posted until that day. We rarely do the same workout twice. The workouts we do repeat are Benchmark workouts, designed to test our improving fitness levels over time.

The CrossFit Canton community is what makes us so unique.

We have been blessed to work with great people of all ages and fitness backgrounds. Our members are house moms, CEOs, students, military personnel and more, all with a singular goal of living a healthy, fit life. The community and camaraderie found here is the aspect that drives members to perform their best and keeps them coming back. Our members push each other, keep each other accountable and form friendships in a family atmosphere. One of the ways we grow our community within is by hosting quarterly events and challenges for members to stay involved and achieve new goals. Many of our members regularly participate in local and regional CrossFit competitions as well as community charity events.